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Day Trip from Fredericksburg to Austin

Austin skyline on the drive in

Bike shopping was at top on the list. Michael is looking for a(nother) bike.

Location location location

Blackbird fly

Our friend Christine told us we had to check out South Congress, so when bike shopping was over we headed to SOCO which is what the hipsters call it, I mean the marketing group.

Love these signs. I hope that Michael makes a note that I would love to see a show at The Continental Club and stay here after the show. That would be the perfect hearts desire day.

Still playing with saturation.

The designer of the whole Austin Motel complex is fantastic. It feels as if you are transported back to California circa 1965

Not sure of the name of this Hotel

I don't know why this caught my eye. Maybe because when someone lays down a rule like that I am tempted to break it and I don't drink alcohol.

Nature in the city

Architectural design mimicking nature

Need to see a show here, we tried months ago, but Bobby Bare Jr. had to Covid cancel.

Can't decide between the black and white

or the color


Lights on the Austin Motel

Joann's Fine Foods restaurant inside the Austin Motel

Refection in the mirror for waitstaff to see when the orders are up.

darling little booths

another decision to post both



Love these planters

Fence on South Congress

Hipsters in their natural habitat

Incredible shop...I think I read that Bob Dylan bought clothes here. Cool!

Allens boot store

Is this Matthew McConaughey?

On our way home we had to stop at Wimberley

Cute shop


Not much left

What a façade

Live oaks are magnificent trees

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