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February in Texas Hill Country

Through the Sunroof somewhere on Hwy 16. I have been trying to time this shot for several months.

We spend many hours on the road and certain things catch my eye over and over.

Silos, especially this dark blue one on our way to Texas.

Windmills in open farm land transport me back in time.

Wind turbines slowly moving always remind me of this scene from The Wall.

Trees silhouetted standing naked in the fields make me hopeful for Spring.

This series was taken right outside of Fredericksburg, TX. One of our favorite afternoon activities is to go exploring backroads. I made Michael pull over so I could take some pictures of this vineyard.

The contrast of the soil with the beautiful blue sky was captivating.

Grapes Sleeping

Teacherage at Rheingold School built in 1891.

The history of this area has been so well preserved. There are 17 Gillespie County schools that are on a driving or bike tour. Our goal is to visit and record all of them.

I love the mix of timbers and Texas stone on the Teacherage.

Pavilion on the Rheingold School property

The Old Peanut Factory 207 W. Park Street, Fredericksburg, Texas.

There are 8 freestanding buildings on this property right in the middle of beautiful Fredericksburg.

Peering through the windows.


Each building is wonderfully unique.

Through the dirty window.

Disco balls!

I now must find some balls to hang from our trees.

Day trip to New Braunfels, Texas to see the oldest dancehall in the state the famous Gruene Hall.

The stories this stage could tell...

..and the boots that have scuffed this floor!

Winter Plants

I will be adding a few of these pictures to the store.

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